Municipal Court

Our office will be closed on 
May 19th and 20th for Training


Our mission is to efficiently, accurately and professionally handle and process city ordinance violations; to create and sustain customer oriented quality service that provides maximum access to the court and promotes public confidence in the court system.


Our vision is to provide those appearing and practicing before the court with a fair, efficient and expeditious means of proceeding with their court business through competent, professional employees and the use of technology as well as other innovative measures.

Clarksville Municipal Court, also known as Municipal court has jurisdiction in cases involving violations of city ordinances; such as traffic violations, building and codes violations, and other city ordinance offenses.

The Municipal Court Clerk’s Office operates under the direction of the City Court Clerk, Ernie Griffith and supports the City Judge, Charles W Smith. The Clerk’s Office is the keeper of the records for the courts and accepts payments for all violations.

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Schedule / Docket

The Clarksville Municipal Court begins each morning session at 8 a.m, Tuesday through Friday. The length of each Court Session is determined by the number of cases scheduled on the docket. There are no sessions scheduled on Mondays for the Clarksville City Court.

All inquires concerning a court matter should be directed to the Municipal Court Clerk’s Office and not to the Judge’s Office. The Judge will not speak to you personally about your case before your court date


Most matters with the exception of actual trials can be resolved using Zoom.

The video conferencing option will begin on May 26. Citizens must have an email account and either a smartphone that has a camera and a microphone or a laptop or desktop computer that has a camera and a microphone. The free Zoom application can be downloaded at Google Play or the App Store.

Citizens must call the court clerk’s office at 931-648-4604 and request to have their case scheduled using Zoom. The court will assign a Zoom meeting date and email an authorization/invitation and instructions to you. Participants can join the court session on the assigned date by clicking on the authorization sent by the court.

When citizens click on the invitation and enter the meeting, they will be placed in a waiting room -- much like sitting in the courtroom, waiting for the judge to call a case.

Zoom will allow participants to see and speak with the judge to discuss and possibly resolve the case. Video and audio will need to be turned on and unmuted when participants are admitted to the courtroom/meeting. All Zoom court sessions will be recorded.

After a Zoom court hearing is over, participants simply click the “Leave the Meeting” tab. If the matter is not dismissed without costs and fines, costs, or fees are owed, they must be paid that day. They can be paid online at

Citizens who are unable to pay on the same day as the hearing must set up a payment agreement with the court. This is required by state statute. If payment is not made or an agreement is not set up that day, the driver’s license will be subject to suspension.

If a person wishes to plead not guilty, the court will set a new court date for a person-to-person trial in which charges and evidence may be heard. No trials will be conducted using Zoom.

If a citizen requests a Zoom court date and fails to appear, it will be treated just as if the subject failed to appear for a person-to-person court date.


The Municipal Court is located at 106 Public Square, not at the new court complex. The Municipal Court Clerk’s Office is located at One Public Square Suite 122.

The main entrance to the Court Building is on Public Square. There is a handicap accessible entrance to the rear of the Court Building. 

Prohibited Items

The following items are not permitted in the Court Building: 

  • Backpacks
  • Electronics (cameras, tape recorder)
  • Fanny packs
  • Glass objects (bottles)
  • Knives (pocket, razors)
  • Sprays (mace, pepper spray)
  • Weapons of any kind