Access (Driveway) Board of Appeals

Members appointed in accordance with City Code Appendix H, “Access Regulations” (ORDINANCE 107-2005-06 December 7, 2006); five members and one alternate member.  The Board is comprised of the following appointees: two technical members who are civil engineer(s) and/or traffic engineer(s) registered in the state of Tennessee; Chairman of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Regional Planning Commission, Chairman of the Street Committee, and one lay member and one lay alternate from the community at large; members appointed by the Mayor; appointees must have been residents of Montgomery County for not less than one year.  appointees must notify the Mayor within 10 working days of a change in their residency status; the Mayor may allow the non-resident appointee to complete his/her term or shall nominate a replacement within sixty (60) days; two-year terms; two-term limit.  The Chairman of the Street Committee and the Chairman of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Regional Planning Commission are automatic members of the Board.  The remainder of the Board, both members and alternates, are appointed by the Mayor and reported to the City Council.


  • Wanda Smith (Street Committee Chair)            
    • Coterminous
  • Charlie Gentry (Lay Member)
    • Jan. 20 - Dec. 21
  • Norm Brumley (Civil Engineer)               
    •  June 2020 – Dec. 2021
  • Alex Morris (Civil Engineer)                
    • June 2020 – Dec. 2021
  • Richard Swift  (Chair of Planning Commission)        
    • Coterminous
  • Matthew Kenny (Alternate Lay Member)
    • Jan. 20 - Dec. 21


Chris Cowan | Street Department | 931-645-7464